Why you should buy a PS4? 9/12

So you might have been sitting around at home and wondering why exactly a PS4 is worth the money.

In today’s blog I plan on giving some PROS and CONS about the PS4.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation Pros

PlayStation 4 has brought their game up since their last release (PlayStation 3), by adding new features and add-ons, such as PlayStation party chats, a Virtual Reality head-set, and consumable controllers. PlayStation even has exclusive games that no other console has access to like: The Last of us, Horizon Zero Dawn, God or War, and Uncharted 4. Another amazing addition is Game sharing, which is when you allow a friend to join your game without them actually buying the game.

PlayStation Cons

Some PlayStation 4 Cons is its capable power, If your looking for a console that has graphics then PlayStation may not be for you, look into buying a PC (gaming computer) instead. If you want a light travel console you can play on for fun then try a Nintendo switch, which is very portable and is a family console that everyone can enjoy even if you don’t know how to play video games on a professional level.


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